Friday, January 30, 2015

That's What Love Is All About

God has answered some pretty big prayers in my life. He has been so faithful to me. I’m always so humbled and blessed when I realize that something I’ve prayed and asked Him for, for years, has finally come to pass in a most perfect way.

I love those moments. I feel so close to God, so in love with Him and His ways.

There is something inside of me, though, that even though I’ve earnestly asked God for something…. There is something inside of me that often feels that I don’t deserve that ‘most perfect’ answer. I often feel like there must be a ‘catch’ somewhere.

I have (many times) gone days, weeks, or even months after a beautiful blessing of answered prayer, and found that something has happened that is a challenge, or an obstacle. I’ve often paused, stopped, and wondered to God, “Is this my sacrifice?” I think that because He gave me something good, I must sacrifice something somewhere along the way.

I know this is flawed thinking.

Oftentimes, God DOES indeed ask us to sacrifice something in order to take us somewhere.  But just as often, He gives us blessings just because He loves us. We, in our imperfect state, need to know that there is nothing we need to reciprocate on our part. We simply need to accept His love and blessings, be thankful, and tell others of what He has done.

That’s it.

Accept His goodness. Accept His love. It’s free. And it’s for us.

It’s hard for me to overcome my thinking at times that I must give something up in order to get a request fulfilled by my Lord. But that’s just not the case.

We ARE undeserving of His great love. That’s what makes it so wonderful. To be loved that much is an awesome, amazing thing. And God wants to shower us with that love so we can share it with others and they too, can feel it.

So the next time you go to God in prayer asking Him for something in earnest, remember He just may answer you with a beautiful blessing. And you don’t have to do anything to earn it. It’s there for you to take and cherish. Because that’s what love is all about.

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