Monday, January 12, 2015

20 Things I Learned In The Last Year

I believe no matter how old a person gets, that they should always be learning in life. There is SO much to learn; we can never possibly know it all! Learning can be fun. It can be freeing. It can inject energy and motivation into an otherwise “stuck” or dull routine. It can lead you down a whole new path in life that you’d never considered!  It can keep your mind alive. It can keep you interested, and interesting, to others.

So, I thought I’d sit down and see just what I learned in the last year.  These are in no certain order or “greatness.” A lot of things people learn in life, is small. Or it may seem small to someone else. But learning is learning – no matter what size or shape it comes in. And just taking the ability to allow yourself to adapt, adjust, or change somehow – no matter how itty bitty the steps, is a great thing.

1.     I learned to like broccoli. I resisted and resisted, but my daughter’s fiancĂ© finally got us to try it in a pasta dish in very small, tiny, cut up pieces. Now, I can’t get enough of it! I don’t like to eat it plain – but I love it in soups, rice dishes, salads, and pasta. Something I once cringed and turned my nose up at, I now keep consistently stocked in my fridge.

2.     I learned how to drive in a big city like San Antonio. Well, I’m STILL learning a bit on this one. But I’m managing.

3.     I learned that scorpions freak me out. Not that this was a huge surprise.

4.     I learned how hard it is to make a balloon animal.

5.     I learned that my God can STILL surprise me.

6.     I learned that I can go 8 ½ weeks without internet service – even if I hate every minute of it.

7.     I learned that when you move to another state, some people quickly write you out of their lives. You definitely learn very quickly who really cares about you.

8.     I learned that my husband can still surprise me.

9.     I learned if you mix cherry flavored water and gingerale…. It’s really yummy!

10. I learned, that if your daughter is on your bed and you are kneeling at the wrong time by the foot of it, that she can turn over and kick you in the nose so hard it gives you a massive bloody nose.

11. I also learned that if your other daughter tries to run up an escalator the wrong way and falls, it can cut her knee so bad that she needs 5 stitches.

12. I have learned to be more content when life is crazy and things happen out of my control.

13. I have learned that no matter how old my kids get, I will NEVER stop feeling protective of them.

14. I’ve learned that other people find value in what I do (writing.) And that even though I’ve always wanted that, I still find it astonishing when they do.

15. I’ve learned that letting my kids grow up will be one of the hardest things I ever do.

16. I learned that I’m not really a bubble bath kind of girl. I’d rather just get in the shower, do my thing, and get out.

17. I learned that I can be addicted to Iphone games.

18. I’m learning to accept myself more and more each day. And it feels so good.

19. I learned that I adore dark chocolate almonds.

20. I learned that I believe God more this year than I ever have before. He continues to provide, He continues to be faithful, and He continues to love me despite all of my flaws. He is good. He is steadfast.

What is something you have learned in the last year?


Unapologetically Asja said...

Your posts are truly inspirational and actually help me reflect on a lot in my life. It is so great to read a down to earth honest blog about life...the good, the bad, and the ugly and how to deal with everything that comes your way. I love it!! I nominated you for an award.

Dionna said...

Thank you SO much! It means a lot to me that you would say that. And thanks for the award!