Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some Words of Wisdom

1.    Be on time. It says a lot about how much you respect the person or people putting on an event and it says how much you respect yourself and your own reputation. Relationships don’t build very well when there is lack of respect.

2.     Keep your word. If you say you will do something – do it. Don’t bail because a better opportunity came along. That’s shallow and selfish. Don’t pretend to forget, just because it wasn’t mentioned. Be honorable. Have integrity. Maintain a reputation that people can trust. Sometimes your word is the best advertisement you have for the kind of person you really are.

3.     Repay your debts. Even if it’s $2 at a time. And it takes years. If someone was generous with you, believed in you, and supported you at a time when you really needed it – honor that. For people like that are hard to find.

4.     Reward your kids for doing the RIGHT thing and for being good kids. Schools love to punish the whole class when someone does something wrong. And kids get away with a lot these days. It can be hard to do the right thing and see how it pays off. Let your kids know you see their efforts and you are proud of them. Encourage them to continue being GOOD kids and choosing to do the right things in life. They need that encouragement!

5.     Say, “I’m sorry.” A lot of people don’t own their actions in today’s world. “Sorry” goes a long way. Be the bigger person and take the high road. Be accountable for when you mess up and make mistakes.

6.     Be kind! It’s one thing to feel like we are free in our own skin – it’s another thing altogether to speak whatever crosses our mind. Be kind! Watch your tongue and how words roll off of it. A gracious word draws more friends than a bold and harsh one.

7.     Pray. Prayer is that simple, overlooked, powerful tool you have, to change your world. To change your families’ world. Use it. Believe in it. Pray for your husband. Pray for your kids! Pray protection over your family and for answers to needs that you have. Watch answered prayer revitalize your world and your faith in a Savior.

8.     Love on others. There is always someone who needs encouragement, love, a kind touch, or a smile. Welcome others in your home. In your life. Give to those whom you are able to give to – whether it’s cookies to a neighbor, or a card to an elderly person at a retirement home. Love people. And watch yourself feel loved in return.

9.      Ditch what’s “cool” for what’s “good.”  Who cares if everyone’s seen that new movie but you? Is it dark? Is it full of witchcraft or sex? Stay away. The same goes for fashion trends, books, or anything that is “in” or “trendy” but betrays your morals and values. Honor. Integrity. Carry those with you in all you do, see, and partake in.

10. Remember. Memories can give us some of our richest lessons in life. Is it the memory of what someone gave up for you? Is it the memory of someone praying quietly on their knees in their bedroom? Do you recall the smells of what a happy home was like or the feeling of love and laughter in a hug?  Remember. Even the hurtful memories can teach us something good if we let them become a strength in our life, instead of a weakness. So remember and let those memories build and grow you.

What would be some of your words of wisdom?

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