Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are We Afraid God Won't Say 'Yes?'

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I don’t pray big enough. I’m too realistic, too conservative.

I’ve always been a dreamer but somehow over the course of my lifetime, I grew to be practical, as well. Maybe it’s the “mom” in me. The moment my children came into this world, I was very cognizant of life and all the realities it brings with it.

Yes, in my prayer life, I often ask God for things. If we’re honest, I think most of us ask Him for more than we thank Him for. But, in my asking, I don’t find that I’m often audacious with my requests. I don’t ask for much. I don’t often choose to ask Him for something that would overwhelm me or blow my off of my feet.

Why? Am I afraid that God won’t say ‘yes?’

I want to dream big dreams. I want to throw my wishes out to God and see Him do above and beyond all that I could think or ask! I want to see His power at work. In my life. In my kids’ lives.

So, I’ve decided I don’t pray big enough.  I’m not bold enough and I haven’t dreamt enough for myself, or my family in a long time.

It’s about time I start. It’s about time I change that.

How about you? Are you an audacious pray(er) or are you “safe” in your prayers? Do you ask for patience as you deal with an illness, or do you ask for healing? Do you pray big prayers for your children?

Let’s start abandoning our practical side when it comes time to pray. Let’s truly throw our dreams at the Lord and see what glorious things He can do!

He might just be waiting for us to ask!

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