Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Fought Hard For You

Most rewarding things in life don’t come easy.  They take a lot of hard work, many tears, and time spent in deep prayer. On your knees.

Especially when it comes to your kids.

Being a parent is a tough job. And it’s tougher as the years go by in this society with its technological advances. Things are being thrown in our kids’ faces that we didn’t even have a thought of until we were in our 20’s. And we can’t just sit and whine about it. We can’t just lay blame. We have to deal with the realities of the world we live in. The world our kids’ live in!

Raising our children to be adults full of honor, integrity, compassion, generosity, and wisdom will take great intentionality on our part. There will be days where we will feel like every painstaking moment is worth naught. We will feel like the world has won on many occasions.

But those are only battles.  If we faithfully love them, follow the Lord’s leading, and continue to pray and believe in our children, we will win the war.

Love does the hard stuff. It doesn’t always say ‘yes.’ It isn’t always a friend. No. Sometimes it cringes while it says ‘no,’ fearing a revolt. Love does what is right for a child, even when it temporarily dents your child’s feelings for you.

I want my children to know that so great was my love for them that I fought for them. I fought HARD. I fought in prayer. I fought in word and deed. I fought in faith. I FOUGHT! I don’t want to just say, “This is too hard! It’s their life.” And let them go. No. I want them to know I fought for their future. I fought for their morals. I fought for their happiness, and I fought for their faith.

I’d want to know someone loved me enough to fight for me. Even if it meant protecting me from myself, and my own lack of good judgment, selfish wishes, or naïve choices.

Yes, being a parent is full of hard turns and painful changes. We are faced with choices that are tough. We don’t always know the right answer, even though we’re the parent. But we can trust in one thing. Our love. That love that will guide us, as we take any and every step possible to fight for the future of our children. To fight for their honor, purity, integrity, and values.

Don’t give up mom and dad. Hang in there. Your child is SO worth it.

Keep fighting for them until they are strong enough to fight for themselves.

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