Sunday, June 24, 2012


One of the hardest things to do on a big road trip like this is to keep track of what day it is. So maybe if I have to keep writing about it, that will help me remember – you think?

Saturday night we arrived in Phoenix. We had just enough time to check into our motel, unload, freshen up and then drive into Tempe to meet an old high school friend of Eliseo’s.  Our drive went quicker than we thought it would so we drove into downtown a bit and just looked out our windows.  After that, we went ahead into Organ Stop Pizza.

It was jam-packed. I could barely find a table and finally found one that was being cleaned off and even then, another guy came and sat down at part of it so we had to scrunch.  I felt bad that the volume of the organ was so loud that Eliseo and his old buddy had to speak at elevated volumes as they tried to catch up on the years.  But the girls were having a great time. They’d never seen or heard an organ before and the atmosphere was great.  I think my favorite was hearing “Play That Funky Music” played on the organ. Who knew an organ could sound so cool? HA HA  The pizza was also really good as my one daughter can testify (she ate 6 pieces!)

Sunday morning we woke up, packed up and headed out into town for a while. We made some observations – like how Arizona has little grass, how we loved the store parking lots encased with tons of palm trees, and how the houses have tile roofs.

We headed to El Charro for an early lunch on a recommendation from my aunt. As we got closer we saw smoke. As we got even closer we realized there were two spots of smoke. One looked to be a tanker of some sort on fire and the other was a stack of hay. Two fires a block apart. Crazy.

Very full from a Mexican lunch – we departed Phoenix for Tucson where we roamed briefly and then decided instead of staying the night there to move on to New Mexico and save ourselves a few hours from our drive on Monday.

We are still in the very early part of our trip and so not doing as many activities yet.

Next stop: Texas.

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