Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's Done Is Done

How many of us live in the past? We may think we don’t, but our minds often waft back there re-living moments of time. Whether it’s a moment that brought us great happiness, or a moment that caused intense hurt and grief; we sit there in our hearts and minds – often carrying those moments every day with us.

We can’t go back. What’s done is done.

Read that again.

We can’t go back. What’s done IS DONE.

It happened. Whether we liked it or not – whether we planned for it or not.

So, we need to get over it.

Certain things are very hard to get over. I understand. I still have certain moments in time that I’m struggling and fighting to get over. I don’t want them to live on in me forever. I don’t want them to win. But it’s a hard battle. I know.

I’m reminded that I’m not destined to live out that moment forever. I’m not destined to BE that person forever. I have choices. I have today.

I can change.

I can start right now – today – being the person I want to be. Even if the moment I carry with me was a happy one, it’s still not healthy to live only in that moment. There is so much life around me – today – that needs my attention!

Life is going to have so many curves in it. So many different things will be thrown at us. So many “moments” where we will wonder how we ever found ourselves in them. How did we get to be so lucky? Or how did we get to be so unlucky? Regardless…. We need to move on and not let ONE moment, define us forever.

Life is a chain. Many moments linked together. They add depth, feeling, and insight. If we stop at one link, we’ll never complete the chain. Or we’ll break it all together.

I want to be a complete person. A healthy person.  I don’t want to live in one moment…..but rather partake in zillions of them. In order to do that, I need to learn to let some things go. Let part of ME go.  And be ready to embrace the new me that God is slowly crafting and molding each and every day – experience by experience.

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Kathleen Fischer said...

Great Post Dionna! I agree with your comments that it can be hard to let things go, but to do so creates the space for something new. Something beautiful that God is doing!