Friday, June 8, 2012

But, I Was There Too!

So many times. So many times in life we are not mentioned. We are overlooked.

It may be at that fabulous Christian concert or event – the one where pictures were taken and you weren’t in any of them. It may be the big trip getaway and somehow you aren’t included in any of the stories or memories.

I think of others who were somewhere “big” and not mentioned or included.

How about those who watched Jesus carry His cross or be crucified?  What about the people who witnessed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo in the fiery furnace? Their version of events was never told – never asked.  How about all those people who ate on just a few loaves of bread and fish? So many.

You see, there are lots of events where only the opinion and voice of a few is recorded. For whatever reasons, they are the ones chosen to be spotlighted in photos and videos. And yet, others were there, too. 

We can feel left out. Ignored. Unimportant for not being focused on or remembered. But when we think about it, those thoughts are really more about our own self-importance than they are about sharing the news that we have inside of us. They are more about our own wounded pride than they are about remembering a special moment in time.

No one can ever take away from you what you have experienced or felt. It’s not possible to always showcase everyone. It’s not that you or I are unimportant. It’s simply that it wasn’t our time to give weight to the moment. And just because we weren’t chosen to give weight to the moment – doesn’t mean that the moment didn’t have weight! It did. It does. And it can continue to impact our lives and fuel us in our future.

Just because that woman in the Bible wasn’t asked what she thought or what she experienced while watching Jesus carry His cross, doesn’t mean that her thoughts aren’t important. In fact, they might be super important to someone who God has personally placed in her life.  He knows she was there. He had her there at that exact moment and time for a reason. For an impact. And only HE knows what that will be.

So whether or not we are focused on after a big event or occasion in our lives, we can still know that we are blessed and chosen to be put there to experience it in the first place. And we can remember that we are one of a few that were elected to be in that moment of time.

Your presence is important. As are your thoughts. Know that God wants to use them in His way at His timing for His platform.

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