Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Using God

How often do we “use” God? 

I’m willing to bet that it’s more often than we think.

How often do we throw a spiritual verse up on our facebook wall or a divinely inspired (and very Holy) quote – just in order to get more followers or “likes?”

Be honest now.

How often do we write a blog post that is very spiritual in order to get more comments?

How often do we say, “I believe God called me to do…..(such and such?)” or tell others that God is leading us in a certain direction?

Often, what we stamp as “God-approved” is merely “me” approved. It’s really about my passion, my ambition, and my direction.

Sure, sometimes God allows us to go certain ways. He even may be able to use us once we get there. But how often do we consult Him before we head out in the direction we intend to go in? And how long do we wait to hear His answer?

I think we use God. We use His name for our own purposes. Selfishly. Naively, maybe. But still – we use it for our own gain.

I don’t want to head a certain way and THEN ask God to bless it. No, I want Him to be the driver at the wheel. That’s hard when my heart wants something so badly. It’s hard to be patient and it’s certainly hard to even consider that He may have something different in mind for me.

But I tell you, I’d much rather be in God’s will somewhere that I didn’t think of, than be out of it in the spot I chose for myself. Hindsight is too painful and full of too many regrets when I ignore or fail to consult God with my plans and visions.

I want to speak of God out of love. When I throw a verse or a quote on twitter, my blog, or facebook – I don’t want there to be ulterior motives behind it. I simply want it to come from a heart that loves the Lord. One that wants others to see what I see and learn what I learn.

There is a fine line to sharing and using God for my own fame and purposes or sharing God’s Word with others out of love.

I pray my heart will always lead me to prioritize what my motivation is and how I speak of the Lord. I pray that I never “stamp” God’s name on something just because it’s something that I’m so passionate about.

If I say, “God called me here” – let it truly be so. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Dionna,

What an honest post! Actually all of your posts are - but this one really touched me as I've been thinking about it for a couple of days. I love the Lord so much - but I catch myself using God sometimes to justify the things I want to do. It's like when we ignore our gut feeling sometimes, or that small voice telling us to do something different - those are high times when I'm using or even neglecting God. I feel sad to admit it - but I'm much happier aware of this then the times in my life where I was totally blind to my own naivety!

Thanks for this reminder - I'll keep it high in my mind!


Dionna said...

Thank you, "Miss Anonymous." :) I try to be honest - I certainly struggle and have to watch myself and my own motives and priorities as well!

Tracey said...

thank you for sharing your thoughts and wrestlings...self reflection is always a good thing and when it leads to me and your other readers to consider our own hearts - it is a blessing! Big Hug - Tracey

Dionna said...

Tracey -
I'm in a constant mode of self reflection. HA HA! :) Thank you for your kind words.