Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heading Out On the Road

(Picture from 2010)

For those of you who have followed me or my blog for any length of time - you know that our family has gone on a couple of really big road trips. Well, we are blessed to say we are going on another one! Probably our 3rd and final really big road trip as my girls are getting to the age where sports, driving, and possible jobs enter the picture in the summer time. (You thought I was going to say they didn't want to go anymore, didn't you?)  I am thrilled to say that my girls LOVE to go on our road trips. We all have so much fun together and make lots of memories. That's not to say we are perfect and don't get irritable with each other from time to time - we are human, after all! :)

In July of 2008, we were able to visit Graceland, Arches National Park, Memphis, Nashville, Kentucky, St Louis (and the great arch!), Chicago, The Mall of America, Navy Pier, American Girl Cafe, Yellowstone National Park, and Mt. Rushmore - among many.

You can read about our first road trip at these links:

In June of 2010 we hit the road again. We went to Georgia, New Orleans (had a swamp ride!),  the Grand Canyon, Arkansas, Loveless Cafe in Nashville, the Smoky Mountains (where we got to feed a baby grizzly) Atlanta, (CNN, World of Coke and original Chick Fil A), Houston and San Antonio, and Mesa Verde cliff dwellings outside of Cortez, CO.

Yes - we cover a lot of miles! Those trip recaps are here:

Now, we are excited to hit the road again. This time we will be seeking out the territory that we have never quite reached - the East.  We plan to go through Arizona and Texas quickly, then Georgia and on up through North and South Carolina to DC, New York, Boston, Niagara Falls, etc. A lot of terrain to cover!

I will do my best, as I always do to post pictures and updates as I can along the way. I know some of ya'll really enjoy that.  And as always, I covet your prayers for safety as we drive, that we don't lose anything or have anything stolen, etc and maintain good health. We'd like to wrap up this last big road trip with sweet smiles on our faces!

I can still read your comments while I'm away, so let me know you're reading okay?

Love and hugs to you all. See you in three weeks!

~ Dionna

PS - A HUGE thanks to Thomas for housesitting for us and taking care of our kitties while we are gone. We appreciate you!

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