Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chasing The Sun

We left Friday afternoon on our cross country trek to the East and back home again.  An adventure that holds many stories, experiences, photos, and memories to be had.

We left Boise and made a pit stop at Shoshone Falls – a site we had never been to. It was very pretty.

I took over the driving after the waterfall so that my husband could eat his dinner. We’d brought sandwiches with us and since I could eat while he was driving, I took over for a while. I did not know that my driving time would be so eventful or I probably would have hesitated to say yes.  HA HA

First of all, there was a semi that was in front of me that started to drift over the center lane and then suddenly jerk his truck back. I was so scared to pass him! I had to hit my brakes twice as he did this but then revved it and got by him. As I was breathing a sigh of relief, my husband continued to watch the truck drift and jerk a few more times in our rear view mirror.

A ways up the road, I saw a brown flash out of the corner of my eye cross the other side of traffic into the median. I thought maybe it was a rabbit since it was so quick. And I thought it would stop in the median grass area – but no – it kept going right into the freeway in front of me. I had to hit my breaks again and slow down as a coyote ran into the road in front of me and then quickly turned back around into the median grass area. If my husband hadn’t seen what it was a second before and told me to slow down, and if the coyote hadn’t quickly made a u-turn; we would have hit it.

My nerves were a little fried at this point and I was ready to give up the wheel for the day between the coyote, the semi, and high winds. So we pull over and my husband takes over. In this time, the semi passes us and we have to once again catch up and pass him as he continues to drift and jerk back. I don’t know if he was tired or what – but I was so glad when we finally got way ahead of him!

The rest of our afternoon was pretty uneventful. We spent the night in Utah and I will say that it seems like the whole state of Utah is under construction. The freeways and even our motel was all torn up and being redone.

We did take a little walk around our motel and discovered a cute little burger/shake shop that the local college kids were congregating to. It had some live little band playing outside. The girls shared a smoothie and we all got some battered fries to share. May I say they were delicious??

Today we headed into Arizona. A lot of high winds again blowing through the canyons but the sunshine is out and I’m LOVING it. We’ve barely had a good start to  summer in Boise and I’ve been ready for summer weather for weeks now! As I type this, our car temp says 105. Oh yes, I think summer weather is very abundant in Arizona!

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