Thursday, May 2, 2013

When It Feels Like The World Wants My Blood

One Night With a King is one of my very favorite movies. I have a lot of favorite movies – but this one is up near the top. It is the story of Queen Esther and how her courage saved the Jewish people from annihilation.

There is a point near the end of the movie where she has to summon up the courage to tell her husband (King Xerxes) that he issued an order to kill her people – and that that order also meant she was to be killed.  She had to do this in front of the very man who talked him into it because of his hatred for the Jews. Up until this time, Esther had concealed her heritage and it was not known that she was a Jew.

With great passion she says, “he wanted their blood. MY blood!” 

That is how I feel on some days.

I am a woman. So that brings up a lot of safety issues. In a world that is increasingly sexually deviant, I have to be very safety conscious. I have two daughters that I have to worry about as well.

Then, I am an American. I can’t simply travel anywhere anymore just being an American woman. I have to worry about someone wanting to harm me not just because I’m a woman…but also because I’m an AMERICAN woman. They hate me simply because I’m American.

And to top that off, I’m a Christian. I’m a female, American Christian. 

Society isn’t too kind towards Christians these days. They deem us “intolerant” when really; they are intolerant of us. Any trace of what we believe, is being rubbed out, obliterated, and erased as quickly as possible from society.

Yes, some days it feels like the world wants my blood.  Simply because of who I am and what I believe.

I haven’t done any crime. I haven’t hurt anyone. I just exist. And for that, there is a mark out for my life.

If you think I’m being extreme, think again.  Saeed Abedini is sitting in an Iranian prison being beaten, tortured, and denied medical treatment even though he is suffering internal bleeding and his kidneys are failing. He is American. He is a Christian. And he has done no crime. He is going through all of this simply because of who He is and what He believes. They wanted his blood, and they are currently getting it.

There are men and women all over the world like Saeed, who are sitting in prisons and labor camps simply because of what they believe.

I think we forget that this life is a battle. We forget what forces are at play and we go about our business ignoring the injustices in society because they don’t “affect me.” At least that’s what we tell ourselves.  But we are wrong. They do. The more morality deteriorates, the quicker the world will think what was once good is now bad. And that includes people with morals and values like me.

I am seen as the enemy because I speak truth. I believe truth.

And just as Queen Esther begged for King Xerxes to spare her people and save her blood, I, too, beg for it. I beg for people to not allow the world to unfairly treat Christians simply because of their faith. I beg for every nationality to not hate another simply because of their race.

Blood isn’t something cheaply given.

It’s good to remember that every time blood is shed, there WILL be a price.  Some day.

Every life matters. Every life has value.

Let’s stop seeking each other’s blood and instead start fighting for it.

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