Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why Don't We Ask?

Our God is a BIG God. He can do anything for us.

When my dishwasher breaks, He can fix it.

When I need a job, He can provide one.

When I run out of cash, God can supply some out of thin air for me.

When we’re stuck for what to say at Bible Study, as we write, create a presentation for work, or in handling an awkward situation….God can give us the right words.

When we need self-control with food, our words, our  children, our drinking or anything…God can give us that self-control that we struggle to find for ourselves.

Whatever we are going through – God can fill that gap for us.

So, why don’t we ask? Why do we forget that He can do the big AND the small?

Do we think we can handle it ourselves? Do we think He doesn’t care about the small details in our lives like a new pair of jeans? What, exactly, is it?

Just as I want my children to come to me with small concerns as well as big ones, I believe God wants us to come to Him. He considers it an honor. And it grows our intimacy with Him to have Him walk with us through all our journeys, concerns, and struggles in life.  Yes, He can handle the big ones. But He can also handle the small. In fact, I bet He HAS handled many small details in our lives without us coming to Him at all.

Because He loves us. And because He cares. About all of it.

So, let’s ask. Ask BIG and ask SMALL. Ask in faith and ask in doubt. But ASK.

He wants us to.


Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of asking God for all my needs. Good reminder.

the bitsy button said...

I really love this post. I think we can forget how personal God is and how much he cares about the smallest details. :D

a said...

I agree completely!

We have a two-year-old that is constantly fighting her boundaries and pushing back against us...each day reminds me that God gives us children so we can understand how much HE loves US.

I need to trust more and worry less!