Friday, July 4, 2014

The Moments That Shape a Life

There are some things in life that time can’t erase. The memory, the smell… it lingers in your heart because of the emotions that it carried with it.

There are some moments that can’t be relived or replaced. They can’t be redone. They were one magical, beautiful moment in time. Not always joyful, (for times of sorrow can be beautiful in their own way, as well).

These are the moments to cherish and remember. No one can ever steal them away from  you. They are yours. You own them. You carry them with you. Always.

That moment when you first laid eyes on your just-born baby and smelled them.

The first time your spouse said, “I love you.”

Saying goodbye to someone who was about to pass away. Touching and hugging them for what you knew would be the last time.

A joyful moment of celebration over a hard-earned, and hard prayed-for victory.

Watching your child pull away from the driveway and drive away for the first time… on their own. You can still remember the feel of the weather on your skin that day.

Sitting in your now-child’s empty room after they’ve left home to be on their own.

The hug and love of a grandparent.

Watching a miracle unfold before your very eyes.

Those are the moments. The ones to hold onto. The ones to allow your heart to shape into something tender and authentic. The moments where you can still recall the smells and sounds.

Those are the moments that shape a life. They are defining. They are yours.

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