Thursday, July 31, 2014

When No One Else Knows, HE Knows

That day my feelings were hurt and I told no one – God knew. He saw my tears that were shed in private.

That moment when I was angry with myself for saying something stupid – He knew. He saw me inwardly berate myself and call myself names, demeaning and putting myself down; thinking I should have known better.

That time I got really scared – God held me together. He walked with me and never let me go until I felt I was on safe ground again.

Those dreams I share with no one? He sees them. He’s working on them with me and for me. Cheering me on.

He sees it all. Those words I don’t say, those thoughts I don’t share, and those wishes I tuck inside.

And they are all safe with Him.

I know my God will never betray me. He won’t laugh at me for feeling what I feel. He won’t be angry with me for making that “countless” mistake I’ve made a hundred times over again.

He’s my shelter. My safe harbor. My protector and shield.

Sometimes I lie to myself about what I’m going through or thinking. But God knows the truth. He sees through my lies and doubts, and He still loves me.

What beauty there is in knowing that. How humbled it makes me. If I still myself long enough to dwell on those truths; how loved I feel.

There IS no greater love. And how thankful I am to feel just a piece of it.

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