Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You Will Get Through This

Strength. It’s a funny thing. When we are going through something really hurtful or challenging.

We feel so weak. Like we have no strength of our own. Yet, in hindsight, when we’ve gotten to the other side of that hurdle in our life and looked back on it, we sometimes see a different story. Maybe there was physical weakness or emotional weakness. But usually, there is strength present in some form. If we were physically weak, God gave us emotional strength. If we were emotionally weak, God gave us physical strength. Sometimes it’s simply spiritual strength that He gives us – even if we don’t want to recognize or acknowledge it.  And sometimes, our strength is drawn from the “others” in our life who love us “well.”

Trials. Oh, boy, do they come. They usually blindside us. But they come.

Are you in one right now? Is your heart heavy? Have you been sitting in the “wait” of a season, which seems like it has gone on forever and ever? Do you feel physically weak?  Are you sad? Lonely? Frustrated?

Let me tell you that it won’t last forever. You WILL get through this. Because, God is giving you a strength that you may not see right now. He loves you. Oh, how He loves you and me!

I remember a spiritual battle that plagued my heart and life for years. YEARS. But that one day came, that finally, FINALLY the clouds parted and it was over. I was released.

I made it through. Sure. I was a little beaten up on the inside. After all, it had been a long battle. I still carry some scars from it with me. But I made it through. Wiser.  Softer, hopefully. More willing to give grace and mercy to others.

I made it through. And so will you. 

We can look back someday on our lives and see all of the things we have gone through. All the mountaintops, desert experiences, sun-scorched land, and horrific storms that have swept over us from season to season. In each one, I bet, we felt like we hardly had the strength to get through it. But you do. Get through it. You wake up, you breathe, you pray, you put one foot in front of the other and you get – through – it.  And before you know it, you wake up, you breathe, and you smile before you pray. Then you wake up, breathe, smile and sing. And you feel thankful. Blessed. For you know where you’ve been and you know who has brought you through it. And that knowledge will stick with you through the next battle that will come.

He will be there with you through it. He will provide the strength and courage you need – in some form or another.

You can do this. You will make it through.

Just don’t give up. A brighter day is coming.

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