Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Did We Get So Messed Up?

I am in my early 40’s. I’ve lived a little bit of life now, and I’ve seen the “little bit of life” that friends and family have lived. I’ve experienced deep joys and great heartaches.  I’ve watched people make colossal mistakes and I’ve observed others get “lost” in the process of life.

And I wonder.  How did we get so messed up? How did life conquer some of us?

Some of us not only got “lost,” we fell into a deep pit and couldn’t find a way out. We let unexpected trials and tribulations overcome us. Rule us. Win us.

Personal Insecurities.

They snuck up on us. They invaded our hearts, souls, and our minds. They took over.

And we let them.

It wasn’t part of the dream. We never intended to be a person ruled by depression. We didn’t think we’d ever have an issue with fear. We couldn’t have possibly dreamed that rejection would change the course of our lives. Change and mold US.

But it did. It HAS.

And we are a little messed up.

We don’t know how to function ‘normally’ anymore. These issues have become friends that not only shouldn’t have stayed – they never should have been let in. But here they are. Messing with us.

Can we overcome? Can we slay these little beasts and dragons who have toyed with our emotions and sanity?


It may be a tough battle. Tougher than we could have thought possible. But we CAN overcome. We don’t have to stay ‘messed up.’ We just need to reach out for help. Admit where we are weak. Acknowledge what ground in our life has been taken – and fight. Fight HARD. Fight for our inner freedom. Our health. Our life.

We can be free. Free from anxiety. Free from fear. Free from depression. Free from whatever it is that has taken over.

We don’t have to let the darkness of life win.


a said...

I'm reading God is Just (comma) Not Fair after the author spoke at our church last week. Looking forward to working my way through it...this post is timely!

Dionna said...

Sounds like a good read, Melissa! I'm glad this post was timely for you.