Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When Life Sends You a Curve Ball

Life is full of curve-balls. We get on the road we want, head in the direction we want to end up in… and then it takes us twice as long because of a curve-ball thrown our way. One that frustrates, disappoints, and sometimes worries us to no end.

It’s that new job that ends up including work you didn’t intend on doing.  That class that changed teachers at the last minute, or the baby you’d waited so long to have that ends up having extra health issues.  It’s the day you set aside to get your work done and your computer goes on the blitz.

The curve-balls.

Do you ever wonder why they come? Why they seem to arrive at the worst possible time?  Is it because God wants to test us and see if we really want that ‘thing?’ Is it because He DOESN’T want us to get that ‘thing?’ Is it because we need to be reminded to have some humility?

You just want to yell out, “What is it, God? What? WHAT?”

Some curve balls are just minor nuisances. They are more like detours in our path. Other curve balls end up rerouting our end destination completely. They change everything.

When you feel like kneeling on your knees and putting your face to the floor in deep prayer before God, I think those are the curve balls that need deep attention. For they have completely captivated us.

I wish I knew why things don’t always go according to plan. I know in my heart, that of course, they all won’t. That they can’t. But I still wish and hope, that they will. I don’t have the answers for when they don’t… especially when I know at times, we all feel like we are heading the way we are supposed to.  I DO know that God will never leave us adrift. That there is always purpose in the shifting sand, and that He will give us the strength, peace, and support we need in those times.

There is always something to learn. Always room to grow. Sometimes it takes curve balls to remind us of what we need. Sometimes, they remove weeds growing in our life and heart, or sift out what needs sifting. But whatever they do – guaranteed – they were aimed our way for a reason.

The thing is? I don’t have to be afraid of them and neither do you. My God has a big catcher’s mitt. He can catch all those curve balls. Every. Single. One. And He will be there with me for every pitch and ball that heads my way. He’s not leaving.

For that, I am eternally thankful.

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