Thursday, October 30, 2014

Give Yourself a Break

“It’s senseless for you to work so hard from early morning till late at night.  God wants you to get your proper rest.”  Psalm 127:2 (Living Bible)

I think God’s command to keep the Sabbath is one of the commands that most of us find the easiest to break. In our society, lazy people are often defined as boring people and people who are busy and on the go are viewed as wanted and successful.

It’s increasingly harder and harder to slow down and simplify our lives. But it can be done.

God knew that our bodies would need to be recharged. When we are low on sleep, we not only jeopardize our health, but our relationships because we are irritable and not as calm or focused about things.  When we don’t take time to relax, our minds are on overload.

A day off is not being lazy, slothful, or boring. A day to play football with your boys, lounge in the sunshine, or read a book does not mean that no one else views you as worthy.  How many times at work or church do you hear your friends saying, “What do you have planned for the weekend?” Or even, “What do you have planned for the summer?” It’s almost as if you HAVE to have something planned to be viewed as exciting! That’s simply the wrong approach.

Sometimes I have “planned” nothing. And I relish in it. I see just how much I soak it in because my mind, my heart, and my body were hungering and thirsting for it. When I get the chance to sleep in, the same thing happens. It’s like a nice cold drink has quenched my thirst for rest!

We NEED at least one day a week to relax. We NEED to clear our minds, refuel our bodies, and repair ourselves from the busy lives we lead during the rest of the week.

God knew this.  And He commanded that we give ourselves a break. It doesn’t always have to be on Sunday – it could be a Tuesday if that works better for your schedule. But make sure you’re taking the time He knows you need to get the proper rest, to focus, and to relax.

Your body is hungering for it.

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