Sunday, October 12, 2014

Footprints of Faith

I ran across this old post of mine the other day. It made me smile as I read it and relived the day and moment this happened. It also reminded me what kind of impressions I can leave in my children’s hearts. You never know what they will remember or take with them into adulthood.

Keep being intentional, mamas. Keep trying. Whether your child is a toddler or a teen – keep loving them and praying for them as you seek to leave footprints of faith in their hearts forever.

~ Dionna

Something fun happened to my oldest daughter today. She was bestowed with a special honor and blessing.  The way she responded to it was by politely and bashfully smiling and nodding. No one else would really know that she was happy about it by the way she had chosen to reply.

On the way home, I was talking to both of my girls about excitement and blessings. I was trying to explain to them that God loves to see us get excited about something that He blesses our lives with. I told them how I had danced around the kitchen when I was excited about something and did a few “whoops.” They were laughing at me as I was talking and yelling in the car exclamations such as, “WHOOHOO! THANK YOU, LORD!” (I was showing them how fun it can be to let out the excitement that you carry within you.)

It was okay to get some giggles and grins out of them. It was even okay to have them call me “weird.”  I just wanted my girls to get the point that it’s okay to be excited about something. We don’t need to hide it or squelch it. We can let loose and praise God with all of our hearts. I think God enjoys it when we enjoy what He sends our way. And I think it shows Him that we are thankful and appreciative.

I wasn’t quite sure my girls got the message… although I was hoping.

Tonight after dinner my husband mentioned having some vanilla ice cream that he’s been trying to talk me out of saving in our garage freezer. I gave in and said, “Okay.”  My youngest hopped up from the table – ran to the window and yelled, “I’M PRAISING YOU, LORD!” 

I think they understood my point.

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