Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just For the Record: I Hate To Clean

I’ve had to clean in abundance in the last year and half. We’ve moved three times, and each time I’ve had to clean up the last place in order to move on to the next place (or to get a cleaning deposit back!)

And I hate to clean.

I do not enjoy cleaning up crumbs. I don’t like cleaning toilets. I don’t like dust balls, lint, or anything else similar.

My kids don’t like to clean either. I mean, what kid does? I didn’t as a kid. I hated it. And I still do. But for some reason, kids think that just because you are a mom or a parent, that it’s your duty and sometimes joy, to clean. They think I should take care of it all.

So, for the record, I hate to clean. I do it because of my love for my family.

I don’t really like to cook. But I do it, because I love my family.

Just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean that these jobs come easily for me. It doesn’t mean they are my “gift” or that I enjoy them. It simply means that I’m in charge of them getting done.  I don’t prefer it. I don’t relish it. But I do it because of my love for my family.

I want my family to have a clean home. I want things to be organized for them. I want them to be satisfied from dinner. I don’t want them to be disgusted in our home habitat, or fail to bring friends over because they are embarrassed by where we live. So I clean. I sweep. I vacuum and I cook.

For them.

Oh, how deep is a mother’s love. How deep is MY love for them.

But for the record – I do hate to clean.

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