Saturday, October 4, 2014

It Doesn't Have to Be a Battle, To Be Happy

Discouragement. Frustrations. Disappointments. Challenges. Sad news. Financial Hindrances.  Does it ever just seem like it’s a battle to be happy? That it’s a battle to find good?

It shouldn’t be so hard. We shouldn’t find it so tough to discover the blessings, joys, and positive moments in life. Yet, so often, we do.

Why is that?  Why is it always easier to remember the storm than the rainbow? Why does it seem like the mountains we have to climb are so much more frequent than the pastures we get to frolic in?

I think a lot of it resides inside of us. In our choices, our attitude and our perspective. We have the choice to let the tough issues weigh more heavily on our lives. If we focus more on the hard times and the struggle – then those are more paramount in our heads. If we feel we are being misread, misheard, or misunderstood and we place a high importance on that, then that is why we focus more on these issues. Because, we are dying to be heard, understood, and empathized with!

I think if we are more at peace with ourselves, who we are and how God created us; we can ride out the tough times easier and give them less weight in our hearts and souls. They don’t take root as easily and they don’t plant seeds and grow. Our bearings are more “sure,” and so our shield is up. They don’t penetrate or impact us as easily.

Being happy isn’t a battle. It’s a choice. It’s about accepting the good AND the bad in life, altogether with one faith that keeps our feet sure and steady throughout the ups and downs.

It’s about being less “me-focused” and being more “others-generous.”

It’s about seeking less recognition for “me.”

It’s about loving well and being loved well.

It’s about not just believing God – but believing IN God and in what He can do through you, for you, and around you.

Perspective. Attitude. And choice.

There is SO much good in this world. So much beauty. Joy. Love. Blessings. Kindness. Do you see it? Can you find it?

Join with me in looking for the good that God showers down on us every moment of every day. Whether it’s the sun that breaks through the clouds, an unexpected check in the mail, a neighbor who brings over goodies, or a discount given on a purchase. 

Whether it’s a new friend, a hug given when needed, or a good night’s sleep.

God is there. ALL the time. And He is there in His people.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.  Philip. 4:8

Fill your mind with the good. Good movies instead of dark ones. Good books instead of evil ones. Good friends instead of troubled ones. Good words instead of harmful ones.

Watch joy be unleashed as you transform your environment. And watch the struggle to find good, dissipate.

There IS good. It’s all around you.

**First published in Heart Magazine - April 2014.

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