Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Heart Has No Boundaries

My heart knows no boundaries when it comes to those I love. I have felt overwhelming love at times that I thought could not be topped, but sure enough, it happens again.

My heart knows no boundaries when one of my grandchildren comes to me to console a tear. The love is indescribable.

My heart knows no boundaries when my daughter has her wisdom teeth out and I have to walk away as she falls under anesthesia. The protectiveness is overwhelming.

My heart knows no boundaries. And I love that about my heart. I love that it keeps reaching for more. I love that its depths are unending. I love that there is always room to feel more.

Maybe that’s why God said, “And the greatest of these, is love.”

Love can forgive a sin that seems unforgivable.

It can love someone who seems unlovable.

No boundaries. No criteria. The heart just loves with freedom and abandon. It recalls shared values, moments in time, and deep connections.

It overflows.

My heart overflows with love for so many who are dear to my heart. I’ve cried deeper tears than I thought possible at the loss of some of those loved ones. I’ve had more painful fractures in my heart than I thought I could withstand…out of love. And I’ve had deeper joys and blessings than I could have dreamed.

All because of love.

I will do anything for those I love. I will fight anyone. Go to any lengths. Give any sacrifice to protect. For people are precious. Unique. Irreplaceable.

Those I love change me and better me. They give me hope and a purpose. A reason to live – and love.

So, here’s to no boundaries. For I want to know more love. And more. And more.

Even if it hurts. For that’s the price of love – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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