Saturday, October 18, 2014

God's Grace

I have been learning a lot in the past couple of years about offering God’s grace to others.  I also know that I’ve needed more than my fair share of grace extended back towards myself in return. No one ever said that offering grace to someone else would be easy or pain-free.  But I’ve got to think that peace can replace that pain just knowing that you’re not allowing Satan to use a certain grievance as a stronghold in your life. And that thought alone helps me take huge steps in the process!

You see, when we choose to forgive someone it doesn’t mean that what they did or what happened to us was okay.  But it DOES make US okay!

If you have someone you haven’t spoken to in years, a dream that has been gathering dust, or even some words that you need to say to the Lord…don’t hesitate to bring healing in those areas today by reconciling these issues. 

It is only then that you will ever truly be able to move forward.

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