Sunday, May 19, 2013

Build Him Up

Do you know that the average man has never had anyone believe in him?

They feel a great deal of pressure to be a success, take care of their family, be involved in their children’s lives, etc.  But these expectations usually come with demands not reassurances.

Just like us – our men can feel overwhelmed at times and are very afraid to let us down; or to fail – not only us, but also themselves.

Lift up your husband.  Encourage him especially when he is feeling “low” or having a weak moment.  Pray for him and believe in the possibilities.  Your husband will feel your belief and that will impact him in a powerful way.

It may not always be easy but even if your husband is having a weak moment, or is “low”; your belief in him may be the only thing that pulls him out of a destructive cycle.

You know what it feels like to have people expect things from you and to feel overwhelmed. So treat him gently… and build him up.

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