Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why I Love Warm Weather

I love warm weather. I’m a summer girl. The sunshine does something for my heart, my soul….my attitude and outlook.

I really struggle in the wintertime. I probably wouldn’t have such a hard time if I lived in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Phoenix. But where I am it gets bitterly cold.

I decided to compile a list of all the reasons why I love warm weather.

*The sunshine! I’ve lived where there were consistent cloudy and rainy days and it’s so gloomy. It really affects your attitude and you find yourself depressed more often. The sunshine (as proven) raises the right chemicals inside of you to make you happier, bouncier, and ready to take on the world a little bit better.

*Summer clothes are cheaper.  Let’s face it, sweaters are expensive! And then half the time they get lint balls on them that take countless hours to remove or the sweater looks ruined from the wash. Tshirts and little cute, bouncy rayon shirts are so much more inexpensive!

*I can show off my jewelry.  I rarely wear bracelets in the winter because my long sleeves hide them. In the summertime, you can wear fun bracelets, anklets, and even toe rings with some cute sandals.

*You don’t freeze while loading groceries in your car. Or while running in and out of stores in general. Or while pumping your gas. It’s just miserable to stand out in the chilly wind, rain, or snow.

*You don’t have to worry about the roads. Black ice. Fog. Snow. These are things that you don’t have to fret about when the warm weather comes in. The roads are nice and dry and if you leave the road, it’s your own fault – you can’t blame it on the weather.

*It’s prettier! Wintertime where I live is dead and brown. No leaves on the trees. No green grass. No blooming flowers. Warm weather brings out life and beauty.

*Lower electrical/gas bill. Yes, you might have a bill for running your air conditioner. But at least you can open the windows in the morning or evening to cool your home off a little bit – thus saving some money. In the winter, you can’t do that. You want everything sealed up. And just opening the door once brings in a flood of cold air that cools down the hours it spent to warm the place up.

*People are out and about more. I love watching people take walks in the neighborhood. Jog. Play with their kids. Talk to each other. In the cold weather, everyone hibernates or does it indoors. It seems warm weather just brings more LIFE to life.

*It’s easier to eat well. I have a harder time eating healthy in the cold of winter. Who wants to eat cold fruit or veggies when you’re cold? They are so much more inviting when you are warm!  More fruit is in season as well, which makes it fun to mix things up and get a variety of healthy fruits in your diet.

*I am motivated to move my body more. It’s hard to walk or exercise when you are cold. And there aren’t as many cold weather activities (unless you like skiing or snowboarding) as there are warm weather activities. The warm weather invites you to take a walk, play some volleyball, throw the Frisbee, work in the garden, ride a bike, or just move and do more projects around the house. You aren’t as likely to hibernate and curl up in a ball. Especially with it being light out later.

*Palm trees. Suntans. The smell of freshly cut grass. The sound of sprinklers. Ice cream trucks. A fresh breeze through an open window. A warm summer thunderstorm. Barbecues. Porch swings. Drive In Movies (if you can still find them around.)

I rest my case. For me, warm weather rules.  Just for those of you who like the cooler weather, I will say that I realize it’s not perfect. Especially if you live somewhere where there is high humidity, lots of bugs, and not much relief in the evenings. But overall, I do think warm weather is just about perfect for this bod of mine.

Someday – someday, I will once again live where the sun is king.

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