Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's All About Me

We’d all like to think we are kind people. Thoughtful. Generous. We give to charities, we volunteer, and we appreciate other people’s way of living – as long as it works for them.

For most of us, we try to stay out of trouble. We bite our tongue and we don’t get involved in heated debates, discussions, or quarrels.

Yet we still like to blame others for our own problems. We blame the government, the schools, the other guy in traffic – anyone, but ourselves.

I think it’s what’s wrong with society today. WE are what’s wrong.

You see, we struggle with being accountable for our own actions.

Life doesn’t seem to affect us on a personal level until it DOES affect us on a personal level.

We don’t seem to care about a nation’s debt until our taxes are raised.

We feel bad about someone getting killed in the military but it doesn’t pain us until our son, daughter, niece or nephew enlists.

We don’t see the big deal in gun rights until someone breaks into our home, or carjacks us.

It’s all, personal, you see.

We are so focused on US, that not much else seems to get under our skin when we feel our own lives are going smoothly. It doesn’t ruffle us.

But it should.

We were never meant to live just for ourselves. We were meant to come alongside each other, support, encourage, help, and yes – feel.

And we’ve grown cold.

We fail to see how many, many people still suffer after a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. All we see are the leaders rushing in for the photo opp and then leaving. So we think things are under control We think people are cared for. But they’re not. They’re forgotten.

Until we start caring about what’s right and what’s wrong BEFORE it affects us, we will be living in a society that continues to go down a dangerous path. 

Until we learn to take responsibility for our own choices and endure the consequences that follow, we will always be blaming someone else. And no one will be the better for it.

Until we start learning to prize wisdom, discernment, HONESTY, and humility – we will never have leaders who truly care about our daily needs and worries.

When we live a life that is “all about me” – it ends up destroying everything that is good and pure.

It steals your freedoms. For you no longer work for them, earn them, or appreciate them.

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