Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Will God Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

Any time someone is going through a really, really hard time, the saying is often uttered from a caring friend or family member’s lips….”God will never give you any more than you can handle.”

I really don’t like that saying. For I don’t believe it.  In fact, I can’t find it in the Bible. I find where God talks about us not being tempted more than we can handle, but not where He talks about us going through a circumstance or situation that is more than we can handle.

I actually believe that He gives us more than we can handle on purpose.

Why else would we need to rely on Him?

I wonder if Queen Esther felt her situation was more than she could handle. She lost her parents at a young age. That would be enough pain to last a whole lifetime. On top of that, she was taken into a palace and expected to give up her purity for a king who may or may not choose her as his wife. But he does. And the fact that he’s not faithful (because he has a harem full of women) well, that dashes a lot of little girl’s dreams of the perfect husband. And then, her people are chosen to be executed. Heartbreak. But there’s more. She is the only one who can possibly save them.

Yah, I’m guessing she might have at least entertained the thought a few times that God had given her more than she could handle.

But we all know why He did that. He wanted to use Esther in a powerful way.

There’s other men and women in the Bible (many, actually) who God gave more than they could handle. Job? Mary? (How would you like the responsibility of raising GOD? And then watching him be executed?) How about Joseph? Daniel?

You see God often gives us (or allows us) to go through things that are MORE than we can handle.

On our own anyways.

He wants us to come to Him. To look to Him. To NEED Him.

He wants to use us. Perfect us. Mold us. Better us!

I don’t know why a certain situation might be happening to you or to me. I may not understand. But I can trust in my God’s heart that He has a reason.

I may hate the pain and the heartache. The loss. And I certainly would rather wish that He lavish His blessings on me. But I still have to trust in His heart that He will equip me with the strength, peace, support, and courage I need to get through whatever it is.

Because He’s God. And what I lack, He more than makes up for.

Especially when it’s more than I can handle

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