Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Waiting For "Perfect"

We know when we dream, that there will never be a “perfect” time for our dreams to come true. Yet, we still seem to wait for it.  We know that not everything will be aligned as we think it should be, yet we still expect it to happen.

So we wait.

We wait for that “tomorrow” that may really be “today.”

We think. We dream. We plan. And then we chart and graph, and plan some more. We try to get everything set up all just right.

But we forgot one thing.

God loves to work in the unplanned.
The uncharted and ungraphed. He loves to swoop in and knock us off our feet – just so we feel loved and blessed.

And yet, still….we wait for perfect. And in the process of what we think is us using great wisdom and great planning – we leave little room for our faith. We leave little room for God, because we have it all figured out. We know just how it’s supposed to go.

That’s why we often get flustered when it doesn’t ever seem to work out that way. And we wonder, why? We think we did everything right. We planned. We charted. We graphed. Everything seemed perfect.

Except we forgot God in our equation. We left Him out of it all together. We didn’t exercise our faith at all. Left no room for it to work either.

So what we THOUGHT was perfect? Was far from it.

The only “perfect” scenario when we dream and wish and plan? Is leaving room for God to work.

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