Thursday, May 9, 2013

Struggling To Save the Me That God Created

Do you feel “lost?” Do you feel like you just might be swallowed whole by others in your life?

I think there are times in life where we feel these feelings and they are big warning signs. They are red flags waving fiercely in the sky that something is not quite right in our lives.

We should NEVER feel like anyone might consume us or swallow us up, if we allowed them to! There is no freedom in being uniquely ourselves in those confines of a relationship. None, whatsoever.

We need to be around people who help us flourish. People who encourage us and love us for who we are. Yes, those same people might occasionally need to give us a dose of honesty that stings – but they do it out of love. All in all – they are good for us.

If we find ourselves in a different scene altogether, then it’s time to figure out an escape plan.  Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do so that you don’t get completely swallowed up and lost by others. And don’t get me wrong. “Others” can take a giving heart, a loving heart, a willing heart….and totally eat it up. They can and will consume you if they are allowed to!

You deserve to be in a setting where you can be the “you” that God created. You need to be able to breathe freely and know that you will be loved regardless of the mistakes and flaws in your life.  And exercising your own mind, instead of simply following someone else’s agenda or dreams is a good place to start. 

Think for yourself.  Know your own mind and your own heart. Know what YOU want out of your life and what you are good at. Say “no” at times. Say “yes” at times! Follow your natural passions, bents, wishes, and dreams. Go against the grain, if you have to. But be YOU.

No one has the right to take up their own space and ours as well.  So often, we let them because we think we will have a better friend or be liked more. But it’s not true. And if it is, it’s only temporary until they no longer have a use for us.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be used too much.

Start fighting for yourself again. Fight for YOUR life and YOUR calling. For you do have one, you know! You have a purpose that is distinct and personal. 

Set out to find it and fulfill it – and don’t let anyone else swallow you up.

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