Sunday, May 26, 2013

Walking When You Want To Run

I am not a runner. I watch runners and I envy how healthy they must feel when completing a run.  But I don’t have it.  My knees aren’t up to running and I didn’t run early on in life. 

I’m not a runner as far as going through life, either. I tend to like to take my time. Enjoy things. Pace myself. I don’t like running at full speed. It stresses me out and leaves me feeling like I don’t know what just happened. I can’t soak in those moments I want to embrace.

But sometimes in life, I just want to run. I want to get out of whatever situation I’m in. I want to move on.

And God says I need to keep walking.

It can be frustrating. Disheartening. It challenges my stamina.  For I’m like a crockpot. When it boils, it’s ready. So when I’m ready to move onto something else or get out of something, I’M READY!  I feel overcooked if I have to stay longer than I feel is necessary.

Yet, God so often has shown me that whether or not I feel it’s necessary…He does. There are things He still wants to perfect. No, not always me – but sometimes, me.

I love to take walks. It refreshes your heart and mind. It brings fresh air into your lungs and sweet aromas to your nose  (if you are walking outside and not on a treadmill!)  It gives you time to notice things.

Maybe that’s why God doesn’t want us running when we so desperately crave to. He wants us to notice some things. He wants us to take stock of our heart and mind. He wants our trust.

I think of horses and dogs who just want to run and someone is holding them back. I know that feeling so well.  When someone lets go of that animal and he runs with every muscle in his body….that image gives me a new focus.  For the same can be said of us. When God says, “It’s time. That is when we can truly run with everything we’ve got. Run in our new situation, run from our old confinements, run! Run with abandon. Run with energy. Run with passion!

Maybe that’s why we feel held back sometimes. We have to let that passion build, fuel, and grow inside of us so that when it’s time to run, we can run with excellence and strength.

If God is asking you to walk in life right now and your heart just yearns to run, be patient. Trust Him. Build your passion and grow your fuel. Prepare. For soon you will be released to run and it will feel so good.

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