Thursday, May 30, 2013

Give It Up

We’re not used to giving things up. Most of us aren’t anyways. We’re used to getting things and acquiring them. Giving away doesn’t come naturally or easily to most of us. If we give away things, we usually end up wanting to replace them at some point. If we give away our time, we seek acknowledgement for what we feel we invested.  But there’s a critical component often missing in our way of thinking. “Giving away” means you give something up. You give up your material things, your time, your need to be thanked, noticed, or appreciated. You give it away. All of it.

I think for most people, they are halted in their tracks at the thought of giving something up and never getting anything back in return for it. It’s sad that they are missing out on blessings with this mentality. True sacrifice brings with it a blessing that can’t be found, bought, or revealed to us in any other way. It’s something you can’t touch without learning how to give up something.

We tend to hold on to things so tightly. Our hands and our hearts clench them with might and force. Yet God asks us to be generous people. Humble. The more we have, the more we should be willing to give.

Where are you at in life right now?  Are you holding onto something with your arms crossed and your heart closed? Are you able to hand over that which is most valuable to you? Whether it’s your personal plans, your monetary possessions, or memories -  are you willing to invest them so that God can turn them into something bigger, brighter, and more eternal? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to impact other people’s lives?

It’s time to start giving things up. Give up that comfortable cushion you’ve gotten used to sitting on in your life and let God take you and use you. Give up your vision and let God show you His. Learn how to sacrifice. Everything you truly need, you will still have plus more. You will discover the hidden riches of blessing and being blessed in return….all because you were willing to give something up.

*First published February 2011

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