Monday, July 15, 2013

What If For Today I Didn't Complain?

We have become a society of complainers.  I’m speaking to myself here, too. But I was thinking – what if for one day, I was very intentional about NOT complaining? Would it draw attention to the fact of how often I DO complain on a day-to-day basis?

What if for one day….

…..I didn’t complain about the slow driver, the driver who cut me off, or the bad traffic?

….I didn’t complain about what was not picked up by my children at home?

….I didn’t complain about how much work I had to do around the house?

….I didn’t complain about someone letting me down or disappointing me?

….I didn’t complain about being tired?

….I didn’t complain about how long I had to wait in a line at the store, for my child to get out of school, or for my food at a restaurant?

….I didn’t complain about the government?

….I didn’t complain about the medical bill I got in the mail?

…I didn’t complain about the price of gas?

….I didn’t complain about how much homework my children have?

….I didn’t complain about my weight?

We complain about so much. No wonder we so often feel depressed, “less than,” and “blue!” We do it to ourselves.

What if we were INTENTIONAL about having a heart of gratitude and thanks? Or at least an attitude of contentment knowing that life is unfair. Knowing that we have to have patience. Knowing that there will be people and situations that we will need to take into prayer.

But if we ask God to help us deal with things that come our way and into our life DAILY that rub us the wrong way; He will give us the opportunity to choose a right heart. And it will feel good to know that we COULD have been irritated, grumpy , and complained about things but instead chose to let things go and let God rule the moment.

One day. Try it for just one day. 

And see how it feels.

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