Friday, July 26, 2013

Feeling Wrapped Up In His Arms

It’s so easy to feel alone.  Frustrations, stresses, and hurts in life can leave you wounded and feeling like no one understands what it’s like to be YOU.

That’s what it can feel like anyways. Satan loves to wrap us up in these feelings of loneliness.

I found a verse in the Bible that wraps me up a different way. Every time I read it, I feel warmth all over me, and a smile crosses my face. I feel God give me a spiritual hug. Every time I read it, the truth of what IS and who God is saturates my heart.

Want to hear it?

It’s Song of Solomon 2:6  It says, “His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me.”

What a verse of love!  Such tenderness and comfort. What special attention is paid to us that we overlook! God places both His hands on us in such love.

We are not alone. We have not been left or abandoned. He cares for us with such strength! Do you feel it? Do you know it? Do you want it?

It’s there for us to grasp. We need only look for it.

Close your eyes.

Tune out all the noise surrounding you. All the chaos. Focus on the Lord. He is right there with you. Putting His left hand underneath your head so that you have someone to lean on and get strength from. Putting his right hand around you to embrace you so that you may be filled up with His love. 

He’s there. For you.

And for me.

Don’t feel alone. Don’t let Satan mess with your heart and head like that. You are not. I am not. God is with us. He’s our Father. Where else would He be but consoling and wrapping us up with His love?

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