Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Discouragement Is Part of Becoming a Great Warrior

Why does it often feel like good people suffer so unfairly….so often?  I know people (including myself) who have gone through many trials and adversities. They’ve experienced discouragement, frustration, heartache, and disappointment.  Oftentimes, many of those seemed to have landed at their (and my own) feet unfairly. Unwelcomed.

But as I look back and see things with greater perspective, I see a pattern and a theme develop that sheds light into my heart and eyes on these times and moments. It helps me as I parent my own children and see the heartache and hurt in their own eyes. Heartache that is unfair.

Discouragement and disappointment often come into the lives of innocent and good people merely to make them stronger. For they are special and God has plans for them.

Great warriors stand up for God. They speak out in love and in strength. They become leaders. But what makes them so great isn’t that they are perfect. In fact, it’s that they have held many hurts within their hearts. And it is those very hurts that has made them humble, empathetic, understanding, kind, forgiving, and merciful. It is those very hurts and discouragements that God has used to strengthen their resolve and grow their courage in order to storm the battlefield of life on His behalf.

None of us like to be hurt. We would shun every hard thing in life if we could. But I see now, that those times when it feels like God is stretching us, or remaining silent are the very times that we grow the most. Those times when tears come so easily to our hearts and eyes; are the times that seeds are planted and grown within us that can’t be easily discarded or forgotten. They become scars that we carry with us always. And God loves to use those.

I’m here as a living witness to tell you that if you are going through discouragement, pain, hurt, or frustration – that God wants to use that in your life for His good and His Glory. You are special. And with His strength you can not only withstand whatever disappointment and challenge you are going through, but you can overcome it, turn around and use it.

I promise.

You are being crafted and molded. Every great warrior has to go through training. Bruises, and bloody wounds happen. They are part of being shaped and strengthened. But if you hang in there, you will see that you can become stronger. More valiant. And God can not only use you, but He can bless you.

Discouragement is part of the process. It’s part of becoming a great warrior. Satan may intend it to harm you, but God sees just what you’re capable of and how special you are. And He intends to use it for good.

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