Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sick Basket

I forgot all about it. My kids are growing up and we don’t use it as much. But when I was going through a closet looking for an umbrella, there it sat on a top shelf.

The “sick” basket.

It was about the only good thing my kids liked about being sick when they were younger.

They used to ask for it.  “Mom, can I have the “sick” basket?

I got the idea from somewhere. I don’t even remember where. But I liked it and it became a hit in our home.

I put together a basket that only came out when the kids were sick. It had little games in it, stickers, a drawing pad, mazes or a coloring book; fun markers, etc. Things that only got to be played with when someone wasn’t feeling very well.

I restocked it from time to time and it was fun to see a sparkle enter a child’s otherwise sad face when they saw something new and fun in there. It brightened their day and it helped them stay down and on a bed or a couch where they could rest and get well.

If you have little ones or even elementary kids – you might give it a try. Find a small basket or even a Tupperware bin and put together a sick basket. Fill it with things that only come out when a tummy is upset or someone is down with a bad cold.

Sometimes a little cheer is the best thing to help someone who doesn’t feel very well and it puts a smile on his or her face.  I know it put one on mine today when I found it hidden in our hall closet.

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