Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Have To Choose Him Daily

Every time I get irritated with a sales clerk and want to chew her out, I have to choose God’s way or my way.

Every time I want to sleep in on a Sunday instead of going to church, I have a choice to make of whether to choose God or myself.

Every time I’m tempted to flirt with that cute person who is not my spouse? I have a choice to make. God’s way or the world’s way.

You see, I have to choose Him daily. I can’t put Him up on a shelf and only take Him down when I’m in crisis. No. I need Him daily. I have to choose Him in all I do. In every thing I watch, listen to, how I speak, how I spend my time, and my actions.

The longer you are a Christian, I think the harder this gets. For the fire isn’t always raging. Sometimes it’s merely a flicker and you can’t feel the heat. You don’t feel the warmth. Those are the times when the choices are even more critical. When you have to truly rely on your faith and not your feelings.

I have to fight to love God. I have to fight to cling to Him and His ways no matter what the world may say or think.  I have to surrender my own heart at times in order to obey Him. I have to sacrifice my pride. And that’s hard.

I can’t simply state that I love Him. I have to CHOOSE Him. I have to choose Him over and over and over again. That’s real love. That’s real faith.

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