Thursday, July 11, 2013


What inspires you? Is it sitting out in the sunshine where you can look at the green trees blowing in a slight breeze? Are you inspired when you are around others and can partake in fun conversation? Or maybe you are inspired when you create something – be it a garden, a painting, or a wood project?

We are all inspired in different ways. Yet most of us don’t live in environments that inspire us. We allow ourselves to be drug down by duty, responsibility, and drudgery.

Often, our inspiration changes over time, as well. WE change over time. We grow and develop much as a piece of pottery is molded on a wheel. We are molded by the things that happen in our hearts and our lives.  So, often, we need to change things in our lives to re-inspire us. We need to allow ourselves to tap our feet into new waters and try new things.

I believe that most inspired people are joyful people. Loving people. Generous people. They are living in zones that flourish their personalities, characteristics, and personal gifts. And usually, the inspiration that they have in their lives, overflows onto those around them.

I want to be an inspired person. I want to see beauty all around me, whether or not someone else does. I want to be motivated, and find the zest and energy that I know radiates in life.

Don’t you?

Every life can be inspired. Even if you feel the inspiration has left your life, you can find it again. You just have to be willing to step outside of your box a little bit and adapt who you are today. For what inspired you at age 17, may no longer inspire you at age 45. And that’s how it should be. For we were never meant to stay the same.

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