Friday, July 5, 2013

Relish In Your "You-Ness"

I used to think I was funny. Well, at least a charmer. Until I married someone whose wit is quicker than you can snap your fingers. Or sneeze. It’s quick, I tell you. And he can charm your bad mood right out of you and then you are laughing really hard and it takes a good 20 min after your laugh-fest to remember why you were mad.

I think there are many things in life like that. Things that you think you are good at, only to find someone out there who is better. Quicker. They do it with more flourish. And then you can feel…..well, boring.

Yes, I think sometimes I might be boring.

I can write. But I can’t write with quick-witted, dry sarcasm. And I can (with God’s help) come up with some posts that I think might motivate someone, but I’m certainly not like some who have a poetic pen with every word that is struck on paper.

I’m just me. I have gifts, but I don’t have THE gift. You know. The one every one raves about.

And it’s okay.

It’s okay.

For I am me. And I like me. I like that my humor is never slanted in a mean way. I like that I can enjoy a good, hearty laugh but that I’m always tender to another’s emotions and feelings. I like that I write like the common person. For I AM common. I am one of you. I am riding the rails, navigating the curves, climbing the mountains, and treading water just like the rest of you.

I’m not extra special – but I’m special.

And so are you.

Someone is looking at you. Looking UP to you. They are relating to you. And you matter. To them. You are needed. By them.

So who cares if you aren’t the flashiest dresser in town or the most beautiful? Who cares if your cupcakes flop when you bake them and you never win at any games?

You are YOU. And we need more “you’s.” We need people who show us that we are not alone. That we aren’t minorities, victims, and the “only one.” We need “you’s.”

So relish in your “you-ness.” Soak up what the world may call boring. For you are relatable. And no one can help another like someone else who has been there.

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