Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sometimes It's Good To Shake Things Up

We are creatures of habit. We get stuck in our routines. We go to the same store, the same bank, eat the same food, watch the same shows, and go to bed at the same time.

It’s no wonder that our lives can get mundane and boring!

I, personally, have found that I can’t be at my own personal best when I get apathetic and routine about my life.  I start getting lazy and I lose a certain vitality for others and living life to its fullest. 

I like changes once in awhile. Depending on the change, I might resist it at first. I am human, after all, and all changes aren’t appealing  to me! But changes do something in my heart and life whether welcomed or not. They add fresh focus.

It’s amazing what a change in routine can do for your life! Something that once felt boring (like going to the store) can suddenly be a little more exciting. Something that lost its luster and joy, can once again look appealing. And you regain some joy in your life.

I think it’s good to shake things up in our lives sometimes. It’s good to realize what you had so that you can be thankful for it when you get it again. It’s good to be forced to do things differently and stretch yourself. It’s good to have to meet new people and form new relationships. It’s all enriching.

We are going to get tossed about in life from time to time. Some of us will embrace it as an adventure and others of us will dig our feet in and be drug the whole way through the process. Either way, we learn, we grow, and we adjust. And we are richer people because of it

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