Wednesday, October 16, 2013

He Is Fascinating

God is fascinating. 

Have you forgotten? 

Remember that awareness when He first came into your life? That knowing and wondering at all He could do. At His glory.

He is fascinating. Sometimes we just get too busy with our lives to notice Him. To see Him at work. To watch, learn, and discover.

For there is always more to discover.

Are you touched when God comes through for you? Do you feel His love when He overwhelms you with something extra….just because He can?

Do you notice how He works? Often it’s never in the same way twice. Our God is creative. Loving. Tender. Surprising. Humorous. Strong and powerful. Amazing.

He is fascinating.

I could sit and stare at all His amazing creation….a butterfly, a hedgehog, the rolling mountains or the raging sea. And I see glimpses of His character. I am fascinated and I remember how often I put Him in a box. I expect certain things at certain times in certain ways.

I can be confined by my own structured thought-processes.  Thank heavens, God is not.

I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to ignore or fail to see His wonder, His glory, His love for me. I don’t want to miss it when He comes through or swoops in and lavishes His love on me. I want to see His blessings, feel His care, and know His heart. For I know that I must have only caught a glimpse up till now.

Every time I am over come with humility at something God has done in my life; I see it and know.

He is fascinating.

And I love Him so.

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