Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Is Today Really All About?

There was a time in my life not too long ago where I was living “in the waiting.” You know those times in life. The ones where you are asking God for something and you are being held on “pause.” I was in one of those.

It was tough. I wasn’t quite “there” but my heart wasn’t fully “here” either. And even though I had things to do and life kept moving on; I felt like I was killing time.

I started thinking about being alive. A friend of my husband’s was diagnosed with cancer and it reminded me that our days hold meaning. They are numbered. Even the ones “in the waiting.” So, what was the purpose of mine?

I would wake up and try to find purpose in my day. In the people I connected with. I would end the day and talk to God and review my day with Him. How did I serve Him? Did I do anything long-lasting? What was the reason He’d let me live another day? Could I find SOMETHING meaningful I’d done each day?

It helped me see that I wasn’t really “killing time.” I was given it. And it was up to me to make the most of it. To try and see what He wanted me to see.  Love and be loved. Continue to learn. Seek. And grow.

We each have today. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.  Hopefully we will get our tomorrows, but we aren’t guaranteed them. And even if we do get them, life could change for us in a heartbeat. We, ourselves, could get that life changing news of cancer, death, a car accident, etc.

So what is our today really about? What meaning can we find in it? What purpose? What gifts does God give us in our todays and not only that, what gifts can we give to others back for Him in them?

There is a reason we are alive. A reason we are allowed to live and breathe another day. Even if it seems mundane, boring, or lonely. We have purpose.

So what is it?

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