Friday, October 11, 2013

When It Doesn't Bother Us Anymore

We stand at the Redbox station outside of a Walgreens trying to agree on a movie to use our “free movie coupon.” It can be tough for a family sometimes. Preferences aren’t always the same and then you have content. I, personally, cannot tolerate horror movies but my girls tend to lean towards liking a little creepy.

What it comes down to for me, is content. Content is king.

If my God died to save people from something, I don’t want to sit there and watch it as entertainment. Sex, mass murders, drugs, swearing – they all bother me. As they should.

I pretty much swear by visiting Plugged In Online. ( As a parent, I have to be careful what our family sees. My girls will tell me that they’ve heard a movie is really good but I go and read the review and find out the main subject is all about sex. NOT what I want them watching.  Sure, they get disgruntled with me and they don’t agree about what they can and cannot handle. But that’s why I’m the parent.

We’ve lost our ability to be desensitized.

It doesn’t seem to bother us anymore when we see people sleeping together before marriage. It doesn’t bother us when we see someone half dressed or missing parts of clothing altogether. It doesn’t bother us when we hear swearing, or the Lord’s name used in vain (something that personally offends me greatly). We’ve lost a little bit of our softness. Our sensitivity. OUR VALUES.

We think we can handle it. But in the process, we lose part of our morality. Our standards. We become someone who has no boundaries or lines whatsoever. We will watch anything as long as it’s a good movie. A good book. A good song. Whatever.

And we are wasting away. We are wasting ourselves.

I don’t want to get desensitized. I still turn away when someone is graphically killed onscreen or commits suicide. Not only do I not want to watch, I don’t NEED to watch. I know what happens – I don’t need to see it graphically displayed in a manner that will give me haunting dreams, deep-seeded fears and cause anxiety in my life. No, I don’t.

God told us to dwell on what is good. What is right. To put that into our hearts and lives. Yet we don’t. We fill our minds and hearts with gore, indecency, and filth.

Because it doesn’t bother us anymore.

The question is, why doesn’t it? Shouldn’t it?

Yes. I say, yes. Yes, it very well should.

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