Monday, October 28, 2013


I can “do” spontaneous sometimes. But I must admit that sometimes I have to be talked into it. I usually have a plan laid out in my head of how a day is supposed to go. I dress accordingly. I THINK accordingly. So spontaneity sometimes messes with me and I’m just unprepared to go with the changes.

But sometimes…SOMETIMES, doing something spontaneous is the best thing that could happen.

Like the time our family decided to pull a mattress out in our backyard, grab some blankets and look at the stars. It was after 10pm. But we laughed. We talked. We reminisced. We spent time together and it was a wonderful choice even though I’d been just about ready to turn into bed. That night, those moments turned into a treasured memory immediately.

There are lots of moments and memories in life like that. I think of all the times I said “no.” Sometimes, yes, the timing was just off.  Something wouldn’t have worked out or I just wouldn’t have been able to get something needed done first. But I also think about what fun moments and memories I might have missed out on if I’d only said, “yes.”

I’m learning that a schedule is just that – a schedule. It can be changed. It can be set aside for the most part and for most times. It’s really my control that I struggle with. My set mind on how something should have gone. That is the inner struggle. But when I do, there is such freedom to be found. Such joy. Such precious moments and love to be shared in doing something together with those you love!

I still struggle with spontaneity sometimes. But I’m better than I was years ago. I think I’ve found a frame of mind that can quickly assess a situation and decide where the priorities should be. I can throw away my agenda in the quest to capture a few extra minutes with priceless kids who will soon be grown and out of the house, or I can decide that a prior commitment needs to be accomplished. I can weigh and decide where the value is and what needs to take higher precedence. But yes, sometimes, I still need to be talked into things.

I will tell you that unplanned moments and events sometimes have brought just the “freshness” my heart has been looking for. To laugh, to smile, to relax – those are things that you need….every day.

What’s a schedule anyways if it’s just things that only you know need to be done? Can it be set aside for a few hours, a few days to do something spur-of-the-moment with people you love?

I’m betting it can.

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