Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When There Is Less To Do, You Push Yourself To Do Less

We sold our beautiful home on an acre this last summer. It was an adjustment to move our family of four into a tiny little apartment as we awaited God’s word on where He wanted us next.

People told me that at least my house would be cleaner, quicker – because there was less to clean. But I discovered something within the first three weeks. That wasn’t true.

I discovered that when there is less to do, you push yourself to do less.

People got a little lazy. And because our space was smaller, it showed the mess quicker. Glasses were left out. Wrappers. Shoes and laundry. It wasn’t vacuumed for the first three weeks. THREE WEEKS, people!

I believe in living simpler lives than most of us are living. I don’t like the “go, go, go” lifestyle. But I also believe that we all need to give ourselves to things. Have motivation. For somehow, when more is expected of us, we are pushed to do more. BE more!

I’m wondering if that’s why it’s so easy for some people to stay in situations they are in. There are no expectations. Nothing to motivate them. They have less. They FEEL less inside. And so they are pushed to do less and be less.

Everyone needs something MORE in their life. Something to push themselves upwards and towards.  Something to excite them. Because easy isn’t usually best.

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