Friday, October 25, 2013

When You Feel Like God Is Taking Forever To Answer You

How long is too long? This thought sat on my raw heart in the not-too-distant past as I impatiently waited for God to answer my prayers.

I felt like it was taking forever.

Sometimes while waiting, I was bored. Sometimes lazy. Sometimes I felt angry and other times frustrated.  I felt like my future was being stifled….wasted. Time was ticking and I could see and feel it slipping away day by day.

Just, as I’m sure, the Israelites felt like as they wandered in the desert for 40 years.

And as I compared myself to them, I saw how differently I wanted to be remembered. I didn’t want God to see me as the impatient child who didn’t trust Him. The one who complained and whined and forgot quickly how faithful of a God He was. He IS.

No. I wanted to hang in there. To see the gifts of manna that He brought me in its different forms as I sat in the waiting position.

But it was hard. It IS hard.

How long is too long to wait for God? How long before we bail on Him and tell Him He’s going too slow --- so we will take matters into our own hands. Go our own route?

How long?

When I ask myself that question, there is only one answer. God’s timing is perfect. For me. And for you. Always. And so no matter how long it takes, that’s how long I must wait.

The attitude I take in the meantime is up to me. I can learn, grow, refuel, and take whatever I want from these desert experiences. Or I can take nothing. It’s up to me.
But God WILL answer. And He WILL come through.

When the moment is perfect.

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