Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Are We So Afraid of "Hard?"

Why are we so afraid of “hard?” Why do we quit and drop out so quickly when we know something will take a little effort …. Or a lot? Why do we embrace “easy?”

It’s the “hard” things in life that teach us. When we look back on our lives, we won’t often be thankful for what we learned from “easy.” But “hard?” Those moments probably taught us the most.

It’s the “hard” things in life that help us become better people. More humble, thankful, kinder.  “Easy” often does the opposite.

“Hard” may be painful and hurt a lot. We may be miserable in the midst of it. But it often has the most joyful rewards.

“Hard” may take forever. It may seem like it lasts months or even years. But it often gives our life purpose and direction. It causes us to analyze ourselves and look internally.

“Easy” may be fun.  It may be pain-free.  But “easy” can’t relate to the mother who just lost her child. “Easy” doesn’t know what it’s like to scrimp and save for a birthday gift. “Easy” doesn’t understand fear, doubt, or pain. 

Someone who’s been through “hard” knows the moment when someone needs a hug. They see the tear hiding just behind the eyes and offer great words of wisdom, mentoring, and love based on what they’ve been through and learned.

I think we’re so afraid of “hard” because we know we will be molded, sculpted, stretched, and grown. We know we will change and sometimes, to be honest, we just don’t want to.

I think we’re afraid of “hard” because we don’t like to be different from everyone else. We don’t want a different battle or struggle. We want “same.” We want to be a “part.”

I think we’re afraid of “hard” because it DOES hurt. And often it IS painful.

But there is beauty to be found on the other side of that pain. Treasures to be uncovered and joys to be touched. They can’t be felt or seen any other way – except by someone who knows “hard.”

“Hard” is a gift. Unwrapped by those who have the courage, stamina, and faith to stay the course.

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