Saturday, December 13, 2014

When You Think Your Prayer Request Is Silly

I don’t know about you - but there have been times in life where home and family details really weigh on my mind. Whether it’s the fact that my dishwasher isn’t working and I’ve had to wash dishes by hand for several weeks, or the fact that birds are attacking my house and trying to build nests – it doesn’t matter. They are concerning.

I can go to Bible Study, Small Group, or even in a church setting and feel weary. I can be in the frame of mind where I just am asking God to release me from that inconvenience, burden, or financial hardship. 

Then I hear someone else’s prayer request.

Cancer. The news isn’t good.

Car accident.

The loss of a house. Or a child.

Suddenly, you can feel so small. So silly. You (like me) can think, “How could I let something like a dishwasher weigh so heavily on my day?”

It’s good to have things put in priority. It’s good for us to realign our focus and see that sometimes we let ‘small’ become ‘too big’ in our lives. It reminds us to be thankful for so much that we would otherwise take for granted.

On the other hand, I believe that God still cares about that dishwasher, those birds, and those long hours at work. I believe He hears our hearts and He WANTS us to come to Him with these concerns. Yes, even these seemingly small daily details.

Just because we may not be dealing with a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care about what may be worrying us. He loves us. He cares about us and He cares about helping us. With ALL things. All burdens. All inconveniences.

I have seen God come through and lavish His love on me as well as others, by handling those seemingly minor details. I’ve seen Him bless – with weather, with a fridge, or with time needed simply to sleep and get rest.

God wants us to come to Him with all of our cares and concerns. We must never think we are silly to ask Him to provide! We must never be afraid that He will laugh at us.

For He loves us. Greatly.

So ask away. Ask God to help your bug bites to heal quickly. Ask Him to help you get that heater fixed. Ask Him.

He longs to provide for us. To delight us. To love us.

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