Wednesday, December 17, 2014

He's My "Familiar"

I love my husband. It’s true, that with each passing year, I love and value him even more. I appreciate what I’ve got.

I wish I could share with young girls the value in waiting for your husband before you are sexually active. I wish I could help them feel what I feel and see what I see.

When I think of kissing someone, I think of kissing my husband.

When I envision holding hands with someone, it is my husband’s hand I can feel and envision clasping into mine.

When I watch a movie, and I see romance between a man and a woman? It only makes me think of my husband. How he feels and what his touch is like.

He is my “familiar.”

Waiting gave me that.

I’m thankful that no one else knows me as intimately as he does. That I don’t have to share that with someone else in my past.

I’m thankful, that I don’t have to worry about impressing him. I can be myself and he still loves me.

I’m thankful that we are maturing together. That we have a history shared and one that has bonded us. The tough times, as well as the fun memories weave their way into our hearts and we can see life from a shared perspective because of these things we’ve been through together.

I like that I can count on the familiarity of my husband. It gives me security and joy. It helps me feel safe.

I understand that not everyone has what I have. Not everyone comes from a past that gives them that. But the thing is, you can still start towards that goal today. You can still get “familiar.” Slowly. And with time.

Going through life with one person isn’t boring. For even though a spouse is familiar, they are also changing as they age and go through things in life. So you are constantly relearning one another.  But going through life together IS comforting. And it IS a gift that brings numerous blessings and joys.

It’s also a choice. Not every day is sunshine and roses. Some days are simply clouds and rain. But those pass. And you get stronger because of going through them together.  The rainbow comes out and life again, is familiar. Full of love and smiles.

Oh yes, how I love my “familiar” man.

I wish that love for everyone’s marriage.

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Unknown said...

26 years later, turning 27 next year in April, I am a peaceful single christian woman persuaded that God will reveal me to my husband when His time is right.
Thanks Dionna for your blog and this particular post "He is my 'Familiar'" You bless me so much and remind me that I am not euphoric, true love and happy marriages really do exist.
God bless you and happy holidays!!

Nairobi, Kenya.

Dionna said...

Wendy - Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad that you felt blessed by my article. Yes - happy marriages DO exist! Stay faithful and God will bring you a perfect spouse in His perfect timing.

~ Dionna