Thursday, December 11, 2014

You Can Go The Distance

I get weary sometimes. Let’s face it, we all get weary sometimes! Weariness is often a blessing in disguise; showing us where we’ve neglected some things in our lives.

We all know that life likes to throw us curve balls when we’re already down. Broken appliances, illnesses, and other misfortunes often like to accompany already burdened times. We can try to have a good attitude when one thing goes wrong – but when 3 or 4 go wrong and we start feeling overwhelmed? Challenging. Tiring.

Spiritual warfare often seems to go the distance, as well. We think each day will bring answers or closure, when it only extends onward to another day, another week, another month. Our patience is tested. Our FAITH is tested.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN go the distance. You WILL make it through. I have seen so many times that just when I’m at the point of feeling like I will collapse, deliverance comes.

And it will come for you too.

Each day the sun rises, is a new chance for a fresh start. And when that sun sets, it’s one less day that you will have to struggle or battle. It’s one more day you have survived. You have overcome. You have not let “it” beat you.

You can finish strong. You can go the distance. Rest is just around the corner. Victory is just around that next bend. Keep your pace. Stay in the race.

You can do it.

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